Summer is here

Well, it looks as if I haven’t been on here for a long time and what do you know, summer is here! And I’ve changed my mind again. Changing your career so that you are mostly working from home and do lots of different things sounds really good, and I still think it’s something to […]

The Woods

This entry was written when I was out and about exploring the woods somewhere near Schalkenbach where my aunt lives and I had no idea how to get home. My aunt told me which way to go, but me being me I had already lost her halfway through the explanations. I think I probably went […]

Food Assembly German-style

Today my aunt took me to an event called Food Assembly. She told me she was meeting a lady in a café to probably sell some goats cheese every week. I didn’t really understand it.   The event was in a small café called La Victoria, on the Bornheimer Strasse in Bonn. It looked nice […]