The Woods

This entry was written when I was out and about exploring the woods somewhere near Schalkenbach where my aunt lives and I had no idea how to get home. My aunt told me which way to go, but me being me I had already lost her halfway through the explanations. I think I probably went off route 5 minutes into the route.  

And I saw some lovely things! A shelf in the middle of the trees with children’s artwork. The message is that you take from the woods only if you leave something behind. Beautiful! I left a stone and I didn’t even take anything 🙂 I then got sidetracked following some little paths and taking pictures, so before I knew it I didn’t even know which direction the village was. The sounds and sights were overwhelming. Birds, the leaves when I walked over them – I didn’t even care when it started raining. I’d love to share the photos but my roaming costs are already the equivalent of the costs for a small pony so this will have to wait.

So, of course I got totally lost. Ha! – I thought – I know what to do! Google maps will help. Fat chance. Google maps + roaming + being in the middle of nowhere in the Eifel = you are blimmin’ lost! 

The only chance I had was returning the way I came from. I was miffed! I wanted to go on this big adventure and now I had to admit defeat and return the way I came. Bear Grylls would be shocked! Just as I made the decision to turn around, the sun came out and I managed to take some nice sunny photos before it disappeared again.  

Although I’d already been along the route, I found some great photo opportunities of things I hadn’t seen the first time I came along. I stood around took some pictures and suddenly heard a cracking noise next to me. I’d like to think I’m a bit adventurous, but I don’t think my head ever snapped up and to the side so quickly and I don’t think Bear Grylls would jump that high even if he trod on a python! Shiiit! – I thought – suddenly remembering my aunt telling me about wild boars. If I get attacked and eaten by a wild boar nobody even knows where I am!! 

So, I decided to walk a bit faster and kept my eyes open for trees to climb up on if necessary (the mind is a funny thing when one is a bit scared – who was I kidding? – climbing a tree?? Haha!!) or a branch to swing. And just as I look up again I see a dear jump into my path, maybe 20 metres away. It stood there for a few seconds and then jumped ahead into the wood and out of my sight. Wow! I was grinning like a little child. 

What I took from this experience is that sometimes common sense may force you to go back on the safe route and the one you know. This is disappointing and best avoided if one is looking for a new direction in life. But even known routes can show you new things and great surprises. Sometimes going back on yourself is the way to a new adventure. Don’t dismiss what you know because you’re looking for something new. Just make sure you are open for the new things even if you’re following a known path.


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