Random thoughts

I’ve had writer’s block the last few weeks – hence the long break. 

I attended an action day in Leeds, where I met ranger Jon and his merry group of volunteers on a rainy Saturday in a nice little wood past Kirkstall Abbey. We did some coppicing and built some hedges and I even did some litter picking. Found a nice pair of boxer shorts and also numerous plastic bags, neatly tied and containing dog poo. 

Now, I’m not a dog owner and probably never will be. In fact, anything to do with dog poo makes me retch. Even just thinking about it now makes me feel a bit funny. Walking past it on the pavement -avoid looking at it while retching. Seeing a dog pooing – you’ve got yourself a retching session right there and then. The worst thing – or so I thought – was to watch people casually stand with their dog, watch it poo, then pick up the poo and walk around with it dangling in a bag to get to the nearest bin. Traumatising! Or so I thought up to a few weeks ago. I’ve changed my mind. I think the worst thing is people casually standing with their dog, watch it poo, then pick up the poo, tie the plastic bag and then leave the plastic bag in a bush, casually leaning on a tree or just on the side of a path. What the …??? Who does that? 

Anyway, I’ve gone off topic. So, I was helping clearing the woods while building hedges for local wild life at the same time. It was fun, but not as much fun as I previously had doing coppicing. Probably because ranger Jon made us all wear safety helmets. Mine kept sliding into my face. And I hate helmets – so all in all not great. And also probably because it was really cold and raining. So muddy, I looked like a pig by the time I ventured home. In addition, I felt there could have been a wee bit more guidance – most people there do this on a regular basis and knew what they were doing. One other lady and I were newbies and standing around a bit more than we should have, because we weren’t quite sure what to do. But we did manage to get 3 really big branches off and then dismantle them into smaller bits, so that was a success. I think if the weather had been better I would have enjoyed it more. But I’m glad I did it – as this is a quest for possibly a new career or at least a new hobby, it’s good to have a not-so-perfect experience to get a better picture. 

Only two days to go until my trip to the goat farm. I’ll keep you updated 🙂 


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