Too many beers

One of my colleagues put the fear of Jesus into me the other day (and I’m an atheist)! We were discussing Brexit. Never a good idea, but especially not after a few beers. I am very much pro-EU and very much against Brexit. I do, however, understand why people have voted for Brexit and why they think it is necessary. But being German in England and not even holding a British residency card, I am extremely annoyed about the discussions (or rather lack of) around the fate of European passport holders in the U.K. After 14 years working in England it is hard not to feel deflated, disappointed and slightly unwelcome. But anyway, that’s a different discussion for a different blog 🙂

What I am trying very inelegantly to say is that, I don’t have a plan, but even if I had a plan it wouldn’t be worth anything now, because I don’t know what’s going to happen to me in the next two years. Just another sign telling me to stop worrying about not having a plan. I could try and put a lot of effort into climbing the career ladder, spending every waking hours at work or even working the evenings, on the weekends… All sorts of things could happen and through no fault of my own, I would no longer be able to pursue this career. They say life is too short and they’re right. Life is too short to worry about what cannot be changed. Life is too short to worry about what society expects from you. Life is too short and shouldn’t be spent doing something that is anything less than fulfilling and great fun.

I spent Saturday mulling over what is to become with me in two years. Will I still be here? In England, I mean, and not on this earth because that would be a whole new discussion. And I decided that this uncertainty is just another reason to find something what I really enjoy doing. To not plod to the office every day for eight hours a day doing something that’s not unpleasant, but also not extremely fulfilling. Nobody ever knows what is going to happen. I may be sent packing, I may not. But worrying over it is not going to change my future. Finding something that makes me jump out of bed every morning will change my future. For the better.

So, I promptly booked myself on a flight to visit family who run a goats’ farm. I’m going early March. When all the little goats are born. My aunt has already said they will need my help. I better buy some new wellies…



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